Blockchain technology with its unique features and especially distributed data management, solving problems of trust - is changing the face of many areas in the world. In a digital economy, sellers and buyers can be directly connected without the need of an intermediary. Thereby, the transactions are done quickly and the transaction costs are reduced significantly. That's exactly what blockchain technology is helping to change the world 
 Along with blockchain, electronic money is also emerging as an asset that investors everywhere around the world prefer. Although officials around the world are very cautious about this type of asset, and many countries have yet to come up with a clear legal framework for electronic money, In one day of electronic money still reached billions of dollars. This volume will not stop there when the world has more than 170 electronic exchange trading platform with more than 100,000 registered users every day. 
 The future of blockchain as well as electronic currencies is very difficult to predict. But at present, the electronic money industry is still in its infancy, and contains a tremendous potential for growth. At present, more and more development platforms are in place to address the problems of the traditional financial sector, and even address the backlashes of newly created modern technologies. Therefore, the number of financial solutions using blockchain technology is increasing, including  DATABLOC 

The stormy development of technology accompanied by new consequences, typically here is the explosion of high-tech crime. Not only that, this issue is becoming more and more serious than ever because the issue of cybersecurity data is not transparent and not shared with the community due to the monopoly of companies providing this service. 
The main task of Databloc is to revolutionize the security market of the network by making information about network security more open and easily accessible by the public through creating a Platform. Decentralized Universal Security Platform and ICO are a means of capital mobilization to expand and improve Databloc's current services, as well as to create a new platform. And through Blockchain to verify the authenticity of all transactions, users can be rewarded fairly and transparently for their contributions to the development of this platform. 
Databloc plans to become a decentralized Global Security Platform focusing on three main areas: business websites, mobile devices and digital asset security and was born to address 3 major problems of users in the network security market:
  • Security solutions are too saturated
  • Data security network is personalized and exclusive
  • Uncertainty about the performance of security providers
Databloc's goal is to fully secure the blockchain experience for users and businesses, including protecting global exchanges from hackers, pre-coding security assets, protecting users from Phishing links, etc. From there, Databloc can support and accelerate the application process into the reality of crypto.

Databloc will help all users and organizations have a safer blockchain experience for through the Decentralized Global Security Platform.
This AI-based network security platform will be provided by Databloc's patented deep learning module called VISION and will provide a comprehensive set of network security solutions as well as a development completely new decentralized security ecosystem.
DataBloc is the primary enterprise-class financial device for storing information and services. The DataBloc Platform is an internet platform that really and securely connects carrier suppliers and corporate clients. DataFloc, also recognized as StoneFusion, could be a 9th generation, block-based, block-based resolution constructed through way of StoneFly, a well-established Silicon Valley-based data-processing company. The device helps diverse information suppliers and garage types, and likewise adds optimization, availability, accessibility, safety and safety of corporate great data. 
ataBloc could be on hand via an online platform the place qualified carrier services record their information services. Service will fluctuate from information facilities to enterprises with their very own information services. services will enroll in the community to enhance the fluctuate in their products, develop their purchaser base and scale back the expense of attracting customers. Businesses will enroll in the community to boom safety and generate further passive sales from their inactive garage capacity. 
 Service suppliers obtain their StoneFusion and record the companies accessible at the DataBloc internet platform. Corporate and public users input their garage desires and what information companies they need. Clients then opt for placement suppliers from the record of supervised users and acquire companies straight at the net platform. DataBloc is the primary answer wherein corporate excellent carrier suppliers can obtain device that permits them to promote extra information garage and companies over the Internet with out any safe practices in the blockchain. 
 The DataBloc software, also recognized as StoneFusion, shall be a 9th generation blockchain answer constructed with the aid of way of StoneFly, a properly regularly occurring information providers manufacturer primarily founded in Silicon Valley. StoneFly has invested approximately 40 million USD into this product and has extra than 16 full-time device engineers operating on development. The device helps different information providers and garage types, and provides enterprise-quality information optimization, availability, accessibility, encryption, and security. DataBloc is transitioning StoneFusion to a permissioned blockchain primarily founded on Ethereum, which permits the use of a token that facilitates an green sharing economy. In distinction to the totally decentralized setting, customers will realize and belief the nodes they opt for to buy information providers from. 
 As a utility token, Stone (ticker: STONE) shall be a brilliant strategy to engage with the DataBloc platform. The STONE token might be described to represent destiny entry to a company’s product or service. The defining function of STONE tokens is that they usually aren't designed as investments. There is now not any ensure or promise of a return on investment. The tokens represent a unit of account for the network. The larger the community grows, the extra utility within the token. 


Ticker: STONE
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 STONE = 0.50 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
 ICO Details 
Pre-ICO token supply: 200,000,000 STONE
ICO token supply: 200,000,000 STONE
Total tokens for sale: 200,000,000 STONE
Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD  
Bonus program:
0-2 MM RBC - 25%
2-6 MM RBC - 10%Token distribution:
Treasury - 15%
Community - 5%
Early Investors - 10%
DataBloc Team - 10%
Public Sale - 60%
Funds allocation:
75% - Incentivized Onboarding
15% - Sales & Marketing
8% - Product Upgrades
2% - Network Management 

 For more information 
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